September 21, 2011, Mountain View, California

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo hosted about 75 representatives from the web standards, web publishing, and content tools communities for a day-long workshop with the purpose of soliciting feedback and input, evolving the specification towards a 1.0 spec, and building momemtum for implementation.

Here are slides from the day:

Session / Slide TitlePresenter
WelcomeMichael O'Connor (Microsoft)
Implementation IntroKavi Goel (Google)
Syntax: RDFa 1.1 LiteBen Adida (Creative Commons)
Vocabulary ExtensionsPeter Mika (Yahoo)
Vocabulary: LRMIGreg Grossmeier (Creative Commons, on behalf of LRMI)
Vocabulary: GoodRelationsMartin Hepp (GoodRelations)
Vocabulary: MS Technical Publishing (Technet)Joshy Joseph (Microsoft)
Vocabulary: rNews IntroEvan Sandhaus (New York Times, on behalf of IPTC)